Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We headed to Evansville on Saturday to spend the evening with family. Chad and April have a cookout every year around this time in memory of Baby Makenna. We were excited to get there. It seems like the times we get to relax and hang out with each other are so few and far between these days. Of course, you know where I headed as soon as we arrived...
I love this little girl! She is just a doll baby!
I'm pretty sure it had to be the hottest day of the year. The kiddos cooled off in the pool...
Action shot!
Chad manned the grill (poor guy!)...
...while Jason and I gave moral support =)
Ella and Lex enjoying their hot dogs
Time for cake! Celebrating children in Heaven and on Earth...
My Sis-in-law and me
Laila and Ella sharing a moment...
These are too precious!
Watching Lex open a birthday gift
It was good to see Jared and Katie Jo. We haven't seen them in forever. They must have had enough of us on vacation... =)
Proud Mama and Papa
Me and my little man
Carson and Cade dancing- they were too much!! I love this picture, because it looks like they were doing choreography. haha!
Laughing with Grammy and Pappaw
Ella said, "Mommy, take a picture of me holding Ami. He's my best buddy and really loves when I hold him!" I'm sure he does, Honey! haha!
What's a Lawyer get-together without some cornhole?

Synchronization. haha! I love it!
Thanks for having us, Chad and April! We had a great time!

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