Monday, July 12, 2010

Well checks

Ella- Healthy and smart as can be. =) At 4 years old, she weighs 41 lbs and is 42.5 inches tall. She has been off her asthma medication since the middle of May and seems to be tolerating it really well. We've only had to use an inhaler a couple times. We'll see how she does over the summer, and then put her back on it in the fall. That's when the weather changes really seem to affect her, plus she will be going to preschool this year. The long-term plan is to try to wean her off the medication for 4-6 months of every year. Anyways, Ella enjoyed answering all the doctor's questions "all by myself". She was very proud to show her how she can read and write everyone's names. She was also very excited that "I didn't even have to get one shot!" I was pretty thankful for that, too. =)

Cade- Even in the doctor's office, this little guy is a monkey!! He was everywhere and into every cabinet, pulling out tongue depressors and cotton balls and paper gowns. Luckily, the doctor found it to be pretty hilarious. She said, "He's a busy one, huh?" Ummm... yeah. Anyways, at 15 months, he weighs 22 lbs and is 31.5 inches tall. His little head still hasn't grown a bit. His head circumference has dropped off the growth chart again, as far as percentages go, but what do you do? He had a MRI in April that ruled out the possibility of a stroke (thank God!!) and only showed some immaturity of the ventricles. His reflexes on the left are still slightly slower than those on the right, but he is doing everything he should be doing at this age, and then some. As long as this continues, they'll just keep watching it. He's probably just always going to have a small head. One good thing that came out of all this is that, after finding out he has a double ear infection (!!), she noticed that his sinuses have been inflamed in all of his scans. No surprise there since his poor, little nose has been running for about six months now. She decided to put him on a three-week course of strong antibiotics to try to clear all that gunk out. After just five days, he is (finally!) sleeping better and I'm not having to suction his little nose every few minutes. I'm so, so happy about that and very thankful for these healthy babies!

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