Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sign of the times

It's definitely a different day and age for these kids, growing up with cell phones and DVR!

Ella: "Hey, Mom, did you see that 'mercial?"
Me: "No, I didn't see it."
Ella: "Well, here. Here's the remote. Just turn back the tv and watch it!"

Ella: "Mom, can I watch Super Why?"
Me: "We'll have to look and see if it's on. I'm not sure it's time for it right now."
Ella: "Well, that's okay. Don't you have it taped on the TV?!"

Ella: "Hey, can we go eat at a restaurant tonight?"
Me: "We'll have to ask your daddy when he comes home."
Ella: "Silly Mom! Why don't you just send him a message on your phone!"

Ella: "Do you know how to make a red and orange cake?"
Me: "Not right off, but I could probably figure it out."
Ella: "Yeah, let's get your phone and look for a recipe!" haha! After that comment, I've been trying to drag my cookbooks out more often!

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Jaime Mac said...

Ya know - all those are SO true!
Good post! :)