Friday, July 15, 2011


It's been nine days and we are slowly but surely adjusting to being a family of five. We are treasuring our time with little Harper- we know how fast this sweet newborn stage goes! I just can't get over how precious she is! Such a little doll. I know it's really too early to tell, but so far she seems like a pretty content baby. Of course, she sleeps most of the time during the day, but when she's awake, she's content to lay in our arms or in her chair and just look around. We hardly ever hear a peep from her unless she's hungry. She's most awake at night, usually between midnight and 3 am. I guess she's used to working night shift with me! I'm hoping that will change pretty soon, because it's making for one tired, overly emotional momma during the day! Anyways, we are all so in love with her. Ella and Cade can't get enough. They usually argue over who gets to hold her first in the morning or who gets to pick out her outfit for the day. Everytime she wakes up, they come running, wanting to kiss and love on her. It's so, so sweet to see them all together! Of course, my camera is working overtime, so ready yourself for picture overload in the next few weeks! I wish I could post every single one!!

We brought Harper home from the hospital last Thursday afternoon. Two very excited, little kiddos came running out the door to greet us when we pulled in the driveway. Ella kept saying, "Harper's here! Look, Harper, this is your house, and this is where you're going to live, and this is the couch, and this is the..." She couldn't wait to show her everything! I have a picture like this bringing home each of our kiddos. It's so amazing to see how our family has grown! Ella made a special "Welcome Home, Harper" sign that she couldn't wait to show us. Family of five =)You would have thought it was Christmas morning around here when we first brought Harper home. These two could sit and play with her all day! We received some really pretty flowers... Grammy hung out with us for a couple days after we came home. We love having her around and appreciate all of her help so much! Pap came up for another quick visit, too...There is never a shortage of ready and willing arms to hold this little gal. Cade constantly puts his little hands out and says, "Hold you baby sister!" He will actually sit like this for 15-20 minutes and kiss her probably 100 times. It is so precious! Ella is enjoying being Mommy's helper and also being #2 "in charge" when Daddy's at work. =) She really does a great job and has taken it upon herself to read to Harper everyday at naptime. Just because she's so pretty... My three sweeties. For some reason, I feel like this will be a picture that repeats itself over and over again in the years to come- happy kid, happy kid, screaming baby. haha! Harper's going to have to be pretty tough to hang with these two! Another just because...And even though we don't see them very much (except in the middle of the night!), Harper has the brightest, most beautiful eyes. I finally managed to get a picture with them open. I know you're itching to grab her up and squeeze her, aren't you?!! She is just the sweetest thing!

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