Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Chris is such a great daddy and is doing everything he can to make sure Ella and Cade feel special these days. He's been taking Ella on bike rides and getting in lots of wrestle time with Cade. I feel so busy these days and am always wishing for more time to just sit down and play with them, so I really appreciate him jumping in and carving out the extra time. He completely spoiled them this weekend. They ran to Target and both ended up with new scooters. Cade got a new (you guessed it!) Lightning McQueen scooter and was all about helping Daddy put it together... He jumped right on and took it for a spin through the dining room. I am so impressed with how good he does on this thing for only being 2 years old! They couldn't wait to try them outside... Ella got a new razor scooter and she's awfully fast on hers, too! They both ended up with "scooter scars" that they're kind of proud of. =) Daddy also wanted to treat us to ice cream, so we went to (where else?) The Cone!! Cade was so excited! He was jumping around, saying, "Ice cream cone! Ice cream cone!" Then he walked over to this cone and said, "Mom! Cheese!" ha! I'm teaching him well! Yum! Happy girl Of course, we rode almost every single quarter ride. Cade loves this big Tonka truck. Ella wanted a picture with the Cat in the Hat... And once we were home and the big kids were in bed, Harper got some special time with Dad, too. So sweet! Thanks for spoiling us, Daddy! We love you!!

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