Thursday, February 23, 2012

Around here

We've been up to fun things around here! Kyle, Kellie, and Payton came to see us over the weekend and we had a great time together. Ella was off school on Monday, so the kids and I had a special lunch and shopping date. They each ended up with a few things off the clearance racks and were feeling pretty happy and spoiled. =) We had company for dinner one night and you know Ella and Cade are all about the entertaining! They really put on a show that night. We play outside when we can, but have mostly been trying to come up with fun things to do inside, like family game night! I feel like all three of our kiddos are getting so big, especially Ella. She is really maturing and coming into her own. I just want to capture moments with them as much as I can and store up all these treasured days in my heart. I know they will be grown before I know it. *tear*
Anyways [deep breath, Momma!], Ella and Cade are always excited when their big cousin Payton comes to visit, or in Cade's case, his older "twin". Look at them! It is just amazing how much they look alike, right down to their skinny, little legs. =) Harper was all smiles for her Uncle Kyle One of Ella and Cade's "most favorite and special" things is family bowling night on the Wii, so we've been trying to have those when we can. They jump and hoop and holler. It is so fun! It is usually "boys" versus "girls" and, well, even with Harper in my arms, we usually seem to pull off the win! If you know my husband, you know that doesn't go over too well! haha! And popcorn is a must while bowling! Love watching this cute, little boy! Cade scored an all-time personal best this week of 90! =) Way to go, Buddy!

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