Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Christmas 2012

 We had Christmas at home on Wednesday. This was the first year Ella really noticed that we were not celebrating Christmas on the 25th, and even though she liked to point out to Cade that this was "our Christmas, but not the real Christmas," she went along with it. She was more concerned with how Santa would know to come Tuesday night instead of Monday night. We managed to convince her that Santa makes a special trip for little kids whose parents have to work on Christmas Eve and she bought it wholeheartedly. =) Ella and Cade each picked a special cookie they had decorated to leave for Santa.
 After reading the Christmas story, we cuddled on the couch for a few more Christmas shows before it was off to bed.
 Santa came and worked his magic like only he can...
 On Wednesday morning, Chris and I woke up way before the kiddos. We were sitting and drinking coffee when we heard Cade jump out of bed and start to run down the stairs. Chris said loudly, "Ho! Ho! Ho!" and the next thing we heard was Cade running back up the stairs and jumping back in his bed! haha! We waited several minutes and heard nothing. Finally, I went upstairs and found both Ella and Cade in their beds, wide-eyed and looking very serious. Ella whispered, "Mom, is Santa downstairs?" I had to try really hard to keep from laughing. I said, "No, but he's been here," and Cade said, "But who said ho, ho, ho?" I started laughing then and Ella said, "It was Daddy?? He scared us half to death!" haha! What a fun memory! I guess they figured they would just stay in bed until they decided the coast was clear. Chris and I have laughed about that so many times since then. The kids are at such fun ages for all the magic of Christmas.
Ella and Cade looked through their stockings while we waited for Harper to wake up.
 Such excitement over a light-up toothbrush!
 We finally woke Harper up a little while later and she took her sweet time looking through her stocking. Her favorite part was the candy, of course. =)
 The three best gifts under the tree
 On to the presents!! New movies! Cade opened Brave and Chipwrecked, and Ella opened Chipmunks The Squeakquel and a Barbie movie.
 Ella couldn't wait for Cade to open the new Lightning McQueen rainboots she gave him and he put them on right away.
 Insert lots of squeals here- clothes from Justice!
 Cade got a new John Deere tractor from Mom and Dad
 We finally pulled Harper away from the candy long enough to open a present- a new doll stroller!
 Santa brought Ella the Strawberry Shortcake cafe she wanted.
 And Santa brought Cade his very own DS! Boy, was he surprised! He had asked for a DS, but Ella kept telling him he wasn't old enough to have one, so she was surprised, too! haha! And check out the blue socks- this little boy loves his "church socks" and was so happy to open some new ones.
Strawberry Shortcake was cracking us up with her dress and light-up slippers.
 And Cade kept making laugh with his new headlight.
 Harper tried on her new Minnie Mouse accessories. Love this girl!
 The last thing Ella opened was "the best gift ever"- the white furry boots she wanted.
She wasted no time changing clothes yet again. She popped in her new Taylor Swift cd... and our six year old was gone! This picture is a pretty good indication of what she's been doing for the last week. haha!
 She paused long enough to give her little sister a ride in the new doll stroller. =)
Chris and I were spoiled, too- new shoes, cologne and perfume, clothes for me, some Cowboys and Purdue stuff for him. We spent the rest of the day watching movies, eating leftover turkey, and just playing with new toys and games. What a very special and wonderful time with my little family of five!

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