Sunday, October 12, 2008

A fun weekend

Pappaw and Mammaw came to visit this weekend. Pappaw has a big birthday this week and we wanted a little time to celebrate together. We got up Saturday morning and, because it was such a beautiful day, decided it was the perfect time for Ella's first trip to the zoo. We had a really fun time seeing the animals, but mostly just being together.

Here's some of the highlights of our day.

Ella, Pappaw, and Daddy checking out the emu.
Ella was not quite sure what to think of the burmese python (notice I stayed back kind of far- even in their cages, those things give me the creeps!).
We had a hard time pulling Ella away from the "real, live giraffes". I think she was just amazed to see the animals in person after looking at them over and over in her books.
We got to get pretty close to the spectacled owl.
Ella and Mammaw riding the carousel. How fun!
We even got to pick out two pumpkins that were just Ella's size.
Say cheese everybody!

It was a great day and we're glad we got to share it with Mammaw and Pappaw.

Today was a good day, too. Chris and Mark managed to get our garage door opener up- yea!!! That has been a project in the making for about five months now, but we just never had the second set of hands. We're so excited about finally parking in the garage!! Thanks, Pappaw, for all your help! Sorry you had to spend part of your birthday weekend doing that, but we appreciate it so much!

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