Monday, October 6, 2008

So much fun...

We had such a wonderful weekend, visiting with family. Chris got off work a little early Friday and we headed to Mom and Dad's. Jason brought the kids over and we just laughed and played and had a ball.

Ella was so excited to see Lexi and I know Lex was pretty thrilled, too. These two are just the biggest buddies.
Ella loving on "Baby Tarson" as she calls him. It's been a couple months since we saw Carson and it is crazy how big he is getting! He's so funny and such a sweetie!
This is a rare pic of Carson actually sitting on my lap. He's such a Pappaw's boy and usually as soon as he sees him, he wants nothing to do with me. He's not unhappy in this pic, he's just "punking out the camera" as his Daddy says. :)
Splashing in the tub. Don't worry, Carson actually loved Ella pouring water in his face. :)
We got to see the college kids for just a short time. Ella was super happy to see Jared and Katie. I think she reallly misses having him around.

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