Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun at the "park"

This weekend was King's Island's last of the season, so we decided to take Ella for one last hoorah at the "park". She talked all day of going to the park to ride the "Diego cars", the "too-too train", the "heli-topters", and the "tarousel" (those are all her favorites). She was pretty excited. We knew the Halloween Haunt was going on, and the website said certain rides in Nickolodeon World would be closed. Well, when we got there, all of Nick World was closed and so was the big carousel! :( Needless to say, there was not much else a two year old could ride, and Chris and I didn't like the idea of one of us going to ride something and leaving the other with Ella with nothing to do (even though there were lots of neat Halloween things going on that would have been perfect for a date night!). Anyways, we decided to play some games and that made Ella pretty happy. Her favorite was skee-ball, even though she could hardly get the ball to the target and kept throwing it into the other lanes. :)

We tried and tried, but could not get that fuzzy Minnie that we wanted so desperately!!
With this game, Ella hit the jackpot and got a ton of tickets!! Yea!! We got to cash them in for all sorts of junk, er... cool stuff! :)
And Ella finally got her light up sword she'd had her eye on all summer. Alright!

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