Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Surprise!! We're having a...

Our family received some super exciting news yesterday- we're having a BOY!!! We are a little shocked, but absolutely ecstatic. For some reason, we thought for sure we were having another sweet, little girl- we hadn't even entertained the thought of a boy! However, we are thrilled(!!!) with the idea of raising a son. I am so excited! Most importantly though, we were glad to hear that our baby looks big (he's about 14 oz at this point) and healthy and everything is still going great.

Seriously, there is no doubt this is a boy! By the way, these Davidson's aren't at all afraid to let it all hang out! haha!!

Hey, Ella- how do you feel about having a baby brother?!
Looks like she's pretty happy about it! :)
I'm still in shock here...
I wish I could have taken a picture of Chris when they said, "No doubt about it, it's a boy!" The smile on his face was just beautiful!!!

Alright, little guy, just keep growing in there! We'll wait patiently out here, but we can't wait to meet you!!


The Cantlons said...

Oh, Melissa. . . that is so exciting. I remember seeing the look on Kurt's face when they said Jackson was a boy. Priceless. I'll never forget it. I am so excited for you. I'm glad your Thanksgiving was full of so many blessings this year. :)I'm sure Ella is going to have a great time with her little brother.

The McAfee Pack said...

congrat!!! i think boys are extra special to their mommies! (of course that's coming from someone with two rotten boys!) daniel just eats it up...playing baseball, basketball, all those sorts of things. when we had our ultrasound with jake, before the tech said a thing, daniel said, "OMG, it's a boy!" boys sure aren't shy! i am so happy for you two!!