Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We didn't get to travel today because of work, so we took the day and filled it with fun, family activities. We wanted the day to be a celebration of things we are so thankful for- namely each other, our precious daughter, and our growing son. We thank God for generously pouring out his goodness on us this year.

I took so much joy in cooking our Thanksgiving feast. We all enjoyed it so much, we decided we should do this dinner more than once a year (probably not so great for our waistlines though!).
Ella was more concerned with the turkeys on the table. While we were eating, she kept saying, "Mommy, they keep looking at me!"
By the way, I loved my "wine", aka sparkling grape juice. Ella thought it was pretty special that she got to have some "big people drink", too. :)

Ella got a special Turkey Day treat- a new Mickey Memory game!! We've lost many of the Dora Memory cards, so she was pretty thrilled. Getting ready for a mean game... After several rounds of Memory (that Chris and I kept losing!), we got to work on our gingerbread train... It's looking great, guys! Showing off the finished product :) The finale to our day...enjoying the Christmas lights Daddy hung today... Chris was really hoping to put lights all along the roof line, but after a couple trips up there, he realized the pitch was a little too steep to be safe. Maybe we'll figure something out later. Anyways, I love it, Baby! And I'm so glad you made it off the roof without breaking a hip! :)

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The McAfee Pack said...

daniel put lights on our roof the first year we lived there. i thought he was going to kill himself! our roof is so steep. we've never done it again! i thought it sounded like such a good idea at the time! :)