Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finally on the up and up

The last week has completely flown by around here. We've been super busy, but Cade and I have also been sick. We're finally on the up and up though, and I'm pretty happy about that. Looks like the poor little guy is following right in his big sister's footsteps with the eczema and wheezing. We took him to the doctor for wheezing and congestion, then he woke up the next morning with a fever that ended up lasting for four days. It just breaks your heart when they're so miserable and nothing seems to help. He just couldn't seem to get comfortable, in my arms or out of them. Once, when I did manage to put him down for a couple minutes, he scooted himself across the floor to a pillow and just passed out. I had to snap a couple pictures because it was just so sweet... ...but, oh, so pitiful!
Miraculously, Ella has managed to stay well and is still her goofy and energetic self...
And while I worked over the weekend, poor Daddy was burning the candle at both ends, exhausting himself at work and also trying to keep up with a sick baby and a little girl who never stops. We were all so happy to see Grammy come on Sunday. Chris needed a break and I'm pretty sure the kids needed a break from us!

I'm just so thankful that Cade is feeling better! I'm hoping he will be back to one hundred percent soon. I'm sending out lots of good vibes that all of you and your little ones stay well and healthy!

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