Monday, November 30, 2009

"In the air, there's a feeling of Christmas..."

We had a "Christmasy" weekend together- drinking hot chocolate, listening to Christmas carols, and looking for houses lit up with Christmas lights. I love this time of year! Saturday night, we took the kids to Sharon Woods to see the light show. Ella hardly stopped squealing the whole time. It's so fun to see things through her eyes. I think one of her favorite things was getting to sit on Daddy's lap in the front seat while Cade sat on mine. She thought that was pretty special...
Are you having fun, Ella?!
After driving through the lights, we headed into Santa-Land. We listened to carolers, check out the train display, and even had a family portrait taken with Santa! It's pretty cute. Cade sat on his lap and frowned the whole time. Ella wanted nothing to do with him and stood as far away from him as she could stand and still be in the picture. haha!! She did manage to blurt out that she wants a new puzzle for Christmas. :)
Looking at the trains...
The first candy cane of the season!!
Ella's been telling us for weeks that she wants a pink Christmas tree for her room and we finally found one! We decorated it last night with little red balls and candy cane ornaments that she picked out...
So proud!
"Hey, Mommy! Do you want to sit here and look at my pretty tree with me?" :)
Cade wanted in on the fun, too!!
Ella wanted to leave the tree on while she fell asleep last night, but when she was still awake after eleven, we decided it wasn't a very good idea! I don't know whether it was the light or the excitement. We'll have to try something different tonight!

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