Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Look at that little rascal and his sly grin! He knows it!! He is learning so many new things these days, with climbing being one of his new favorites. =) Big Sis was never much of a climber, so this is new territory for us. We seriously cannot turn our backs for a second! What a little monkey! He's 14 months and blowing our minds on pretty much a daily basis. Some of his favorite things to do- give smacking lip kisses, blow kisses, woof-woof at neighborhood dogs (following in Sissy's footsteps on that one :), sign "all done" and "more", kick a ball, feed himself with a fork. He also waves at every person who looks his way, leading us to believe he may be a great politician (or a used car salesman! haha!).
His favorite words these days- hi, thank you, all done, truck, book, boon (balloon), ball, milk, mmmm (yummy), eye (while poking us in the eye), in addition to "Ma", "Da", and "Edda".
He finally got two new teeth a couple weeks ago, one on top, one on bottom. That brings the grand total to six. He's had just four since he was 8-9 months, which makes it hard for a little guy who wants to eat only big people food! You can see the bottom one good here.

He's such a happy, sweet, and very active little guy, that has us falling more and more crazy in love with him everyday. Just look at him! Who could resist this charmer?!

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Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

cute pics, especially that last one!!