Thursday, June 24, 2010

My babies are back!!

I got my babies back today! I was welcomed with so many sweet hugs. They are just precious, and boy, did I miss them!!
Lexi was able to come along for the ride. It was a special treat to get to see her. We had a nice lunch with Mom and Dad, then hit the road to head back to Cincy. Lexi and Ella had to empty Pap's pockets first. He is such a softie!
It was a special night at home. We had one of Ella and Cade's favorite dinners followed by pink ice cream cones with sprinkles for dessert! Yum! One happy girl here!
I copied some pictures of the week from Mom's camera. Here's a few showing what they were up to.

Looks like they were busy having lots of fun! I know Pappaw is doing his best trying to turn them into country kids. haha! Ella was cracking me up telling me all about it. It's so funny hearing the "highlights" of the week according to her. Here are a few of them in her own words:
About Great-Grandpa's birthday party- I drank lemonade and tea and I didn't eat any birthday cake because I didn't like it. And Great-Grandpa was there. Then Payton and I rode all around and what was the pink girl's name? Yeah, Benise (Denise) took me to see her dog. She has a new dog that I didn't even know before and she even has dog food!
About Sunday at Papaw and Mamaw's- Kyle was there and we had pancakes and then bacon. We played baseball and I went to the playground. And, well, I shouldn't have taken my flip-flops off, because the rocks were too hot! So, actually, I started crying and I didn't even ride the swings, because I was just too sad! Then Kyle came over and he gave me a big drink of water. And we tried to drive fast and we went really fast and, I mean, it was sooo fast! But the train was really fast and we couldn't even beat it and then we just had to go home.
About swimming at Jason's- So I put on my swimsuit and we went to Jason's house. Lexi had to wear her clothes in the car, because she didn't bring her swimsuit. And then we got there. I opened the door and sweet, little Lady came running over to me and was like, 'Hi, Ella!' and she was so happy to see me! Then we put Lady in the pool and she didn't like it, because the water was too cold. So she wanted in the hot tub, but she couldn't get in the hot tub, because she's just a silly dog! Then me and Lexi held hands, and we told Carson to get out of the way, and then we jumped in and made a big splash!
About staying at Grammy's- I got to sleep on the tiger pillow all night and Lexi slept on my flower pillow. We played on the slide and Cade kept falling off and I said, 'Poor, little guy!' And we went to the park and I rode my bike around the big water. I wanted to ride on the swing, but it was down a different path, and I didn't want to go that way. I was just too tired and a little cranky. Then we got home and Pappaw said Bandi got into a skunk and was so stinky! I didn't think he was so stinky, so I helped feed him dog food and just gave him a hug.

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Jaime Mac said...

OK-this is going to be totally weird - & random. I assure you-I'm not a crazy stalker! :)
I went to school w/ Jason (he's a year older than me.) My brother was friends w/ Chad (Jeremy Brown...) & I was even in a class in high school w/ your hubby. If your parents still live in the house you grew up in, I live right down the road from them. Scared yet?! ;)
I found your blog from my friend , Alicia. I really enjoy reading what you write. I remember you as a little girl & you're all grown up now & you really seem to love your kiddos & the Lord. I LOVE reading the quirky things Ella says. She's a very funny little girl.