Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The weekend

We had a fun, low-key weekend around our house. There was a little extra family time and, of course, lots of fun and silliness. All our best-laid plans were foiled Saturday since it rained all day. It finally ended late in the evening (too late to make it to the Reds' game- total bummer), and we finally made it outside to burn off some energy. We woke up to another rainy day on Sunday, so after church, we hit up the theater to see Marmaduke. It was Ella's first full-length movie at the theater and she loved it. I wish I had had my camera along. You can picture it though- little girl, big pop, overflowing bag of popcorn, huge grin. Precious. And all the hugs we received in thanksgiving for taking her- you know we totally hated that. =) Daddy treated us to an early (yummy!) dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and then we came home and wore ourselves out playing in the hot and sticky summer air. I'm looking forward to more weekends like it this summer!
Enjoying Jello with Daddy...
Ella's first lightening bug! She kept catching them, then saying, "Oh, man! I killed that one, too!" haha!
A little water relief...

Daddy and his little helper... Nothing like a boy and his power tools =)
The first snack on our new patio furniture. I love these sweet, little faces soooo much!!

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