Tuesday, October 26, 2010

18 month stats

Just want to get these stats put down before I forget. I didn't keep track of much for Ella past 12 months, and now I wish I had. I love to go back to compare and reminisce.

Our sweet baby Cade at 18 months:
- wears 18 month clothing and a size 7 shoe (!!)
- is 33.75 inches tall
- is 23.5 lbs
- has a 17.5 inch head circumference

His height is at the 84th percentile and his weight is at the 16th percentile. Tall and thin is good!! His head circumference is still below zero percentile, but the growth chart is an average, and we wouldn't want him to be average, now would we??!
More fun food for thought- Ella was 24 lbs at 10 months!!

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