Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Iron's Fruit Farm

Ella's preschool class took a field trip this morning to Iron's Fruit Farm. It was a very early and chilly morning, but Ella couldn't wait to get there and hook up with her pal, Mia. Cade and I were there, too!! First, we headed out to the pumpkin patch. Both of these kiddos look so happy here, huh? Ella was cold and Cade was not crazy about his puppy hat. =)
Looking for the best pumpkin...She finally decided on a tiny one, but wouldn't hold it for a picture because it was muddy.
Cade, on the other hand, had a ball running through the patch (and mud)!
We headed back to the farm for a snack. Ella had kept her eyes on her favorite little boy in class, Dillon, all morning and you better believe she grabbed the first spot next to him right away! If only you could have heard him acting silly just to make her laugh and her giggling at everything he said- it was pretty cute, but man, are we in trouble!! haha! Here's Ella and her two best preschool buddies, Mia and Dillon...
Enjoying a donut and apple cider- yum!
Every time Cade saw more pumpkins, he would squeal and say "Oooooh! Pum-ums!" My little cuties in front of all the "pum-ums". Feeding the goats...
Cade was off and doing his own thing. He was cracking me up and kept yelling "pup-pup" at the donkey. =)
Next thing I knew, my monkey was up in a tree!
Another pose in front of some more pumpkins...
Ella and her whole class
We sure missed having Daddy with us, but it was definitely a fun day at the farm!

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