Friday, October 29, 2010

It's carving time!!

After much anticipation on Ella's part, we finally got around to carving our pumpkins a couple nights ago. Ella was a ball of energy and could hardly contain herself. Cade was excited just because Ella was. I'm not sure how many times I heard, "Mo-om, can we please carve our pumpkins now??" A "before shot" with their pumpkins... Way to go, Ella! She said, "And look, I don't even think it's gross this year!"
A peek into Sissy's pumpkin...
And then opening his own. I loved the sounds he made: "Oh-ho!", "Eewww!", "Sshhew!", "Wowww!"
What do ya see in there, Buddy?
On to the best part- cleaning out the pumpkin slime!
Ella did a pretty good job!
Cade, on the other hand, wasn't too sure about it. I love how he's holding his little hands real close here, like he's afraid Daddy's going to make him touch it. haha!
Do I really have to, Mommy??
Yay!! He did it!!
Ella worked very hard on her "mad pumpkin face"...
After a little help from Mom, it was all done. Ta-da!
Taking a break with some baked pumpkin seeds and hot apple cider. Ella kept saying, "I just can't believe we can eat these cute, little pumpkin seeds!" She loved them!
Cade was a fan, too!!
Watching as Daddy lights up the pumpkins...
And an "after shot". Nice work, kiddos!! Those are going to be very scary on Halloween!

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