Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to the farm

We made our 3rd annual trip to Niederman Farm last night in search of some fun and, of course, the perfect pumpkin. We were lucky to have Papaw and Mamaw here to go with us this year. It was later than normal when we headed out, but it was kind of neat to explore the farm at night. Ella couldn't wait to get there and was so very excited... She hopped up on Daddy's shoulders to scope things out.
Cade and Papaw were excited, too. Cade wasn't sure what we were doing, but he knew it was going to be something fun!
Me and my special, little gal waiting in line for a ride on the horse wagon...
On the way to the pumpkin patch. Who's ready to pick the perfect pumpkin??!
We are!! Seriously, it will be a miracle if we can ever get Cade to look at the camera!
Cade wasted no time finding his "pum-um"!!
We've never picked pumpkins at night before, but it was a lot of fun. There was a huge spotlight lighting the pumpkin patch and Chris had a flashlight to help out, too. Now Cade's eyeing Sissy's pumpkin, thinking he might like hers better! haha!
After the pumpkin patch, Ella took a ride on a huge pipe swing.
And Cade fed the goats...
(Ella fed the goats, too, but had her finger nibbled a bit. She has since decided she never wants to feed the goats again! haha!)
No way could we walk by the farm sign and not have our picture made!
Taking a break for some cider and hot chocolate...
And kettle corn! This boy sure loves his snacks!
Ella wanted to see how she measured up. Yep, looks like a big mouth to me!! haha!
One last stop by the pumpkins...
Time to head home...
What a great way to spend the evening! I love making special memories with our family!

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