Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fall preschool report

Ella brought home her mid-year report from preschool yesterday. Chris and I were very proud as we read it last night. The report graded Ella in many different categories with M- mastered skill, G- good progress of skill, or E- emerging skill. She received M in several areas, including
-constructive and purposeful play
-classroom exploration
-communication with adults and children
-recitation of simple poems, ryhmes, and songs
-recognition of letter, color, shape, and number sequences
-manipulation of materials
-self-expression through art
She received G and G+ in all other areas, except for one G- in 'plays with a variety of children'. Out to the side, Miss Kelli wrote, "She has her favorites". Umm, you got that right! Not hard to figure out who she means when Ella hardly talks about preschool these days without mentioning Dillon's name. Miss Kelli even told me yesterday (jokingly) that the two of them would probably be lost without each other. ha!
Anyways, Miss Kelli also said Ella is "a very self-confident little girl" who "absorbs information very quickly" and they must always "seek out learning opportunities to challenge her". She also said she "always has a smile on her face" and "seems to really love to come to school everyday." Way to go, Ella Grace!! We are very proud of you!

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