Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving dinner at the Lawyer madhouse

We started our Thanksgiving celebrations with dinner at my mom and dad's on Wednesday night. We ended up arriving fairly late because the trip there, which usually takes about 2 hrs 40 min, ended up taking over 4 hrs due to the traffic coming out of Cincy. The kids are pretty much pros at the whole long trip thing though, and were being considerably more patient than Chris and me. They both napped and were rearing to go by the time we finally got there.
Cade was all over his "Baby" right away. His face is so funny here. I wish I knew what both of them were thinking. I guess she wasn't giving him the attention he wanted, so he decided to show her some wrestling moves. Poor Laila's not sure what to think about her rough and crazy cousin!
The whole place turns into a madhouse when we're all together. Jeff, Gary, and April were there, too, with little Aidan and Owen. Between all the kiddos and the dogs, there is never a dull moment!
Look at that big ol' grin on Carson's face! haha! I love it! They were having such a ball together.
I just love nights like that and getting to hang out with family. We had a lot of good laughs and ate so much yummy food. It was so late by the time we all settled down. Daddy and Cade were both pretty tuckered out and curled up on the chair together. I couldn't resist getting a picture.

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