Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And speaking of trees...

I think these Christmas trees are going to be a backdrop for pretty much everything we do these next few weeks. Ella and Cade are crazy about 'em! They wanted to read some books the other night and who could think of a better place to settle in than beside the tree? I think this is such a sweet picture. Ella has decorated and redecorated her pink tree probably 50 times. The first time was very dramatic and tear-filled after a one and a half year old tornado came through and knocked it over. Since then she has realized how fun it is to take all the ornaments off and put them back on. She says she likes to see how they look in different places. =)

This morning I took the kiddos to have Christmas pictures made and, of course, we had to pose in front of the tree before we left. Ella was so pretty and grown-up and Cade was very handsome. He held up his foot and told everyone who would listen, "Doo shoes" (new shoes). He was so proud.

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