Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little decorating

Decorating the Christmas tree was a whole family affair. Ella snapped a picture as we were getting started.
Then she wanted to see how she looked wrapped in silver garland. Very fancy, E!
Cade sat on Daddy's shoulders and helped wrap the garland around...
Ella, true to form, was very careful and meticulous as she placed each special ornament...
Cade, also true to form, opted to throw the ornaments into the tree rather than take the time to hang them! Their little personalities are both so funny and different. I think it's neat that you can see those differences in something as little as the way each approaches decorating the Christmas tree.
A few of the favorite ornaments. Cade loved this one so much that he managed to pull the top off and pour the little snowballs all over the floor. =)
Ella was very proud of this one, "Look, Mom, our whole family's on it."
Cade also got to hang his Baby's First Christmas ornament from last year. You can't really see the ornament, but I love his cheese here.
And our big helper in front of the finished tree. Ta-da!

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