Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Christmas Eve...

... at our house anyways! Santa Claus comes tonight! It's been such a fun-filled day around here. Ella woke up and saw that our Christmas counter says only "01" day until the big day and she could hardly believe it. She is beyond excited and Cade is excited just because the rest of us are. They both received letters from Santa last night and are trying very hard to be on their best behavior today. =) We spent most of the morning in the kitchen. After all, what is Christmas Eve without Momma doing some baking? That is one thing I remember most of Christmas Eves growing up. Chris and I both are a little nostalgic this year and missing the Christmas Eve traditions of our families, so we'll do what we can to incorporate some of those into our day. Anyways, the kiddos have been more than happy to help me. They are a hoot and their silliness brings so many laughs and much joy to my heart. Chris is working today and then has several days off. I work tomorrow and then am off until next weekend. We are looking forward to time with our little ones tomorrow and with family over the weekend. What a wonderful time of year! I am so thankful for all the special gifts and goodness in my life. I hope your heart, too, is warm and the next few days are filled with many blessings! Merry Christmas!

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