Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our Christmas morning

Christmas morning was so much fun! Ella ran in to wake us up, saying, "Come on, guys! Santa came! He really did! I ran downstairs and peeked and there's presents everywhere!" Cade jumped out of bed and ran to the tree. He had one thing on his mind. He kept looking through the boxes, saying, "Where's my guitar?" haha! Mean ol' mom made them pose in front of the tree before anything else.Ella passed out stockings. Love the happiness on her face! Santa stuffed their stockings with flashlights, toothbrushes, lotion, and candy! Harper got a few hairbows, bibs, and a sippy cup in hers. "Look! Look! Santa ate his cookies!" Guess Santa likes Oreos afterall! =) Cade got to go first- he opened his new music machine and microphone. He just squealed and squealed!Then he opened a new fire truck- "Tool!" (cool!) Ella went next. She opened the new puppy she asked Santa for! And her new "sing-a-long" machine!! She was a happy girl! Ella wanted me to open my gift from her. She wrapped it all by herself, too! She and Cade got me a new necklace, earrings, and some pajamas. After much anticipation, Cade finally opened his guitar!! After that, he was not interested in any more presents- he was ready to play! Harper got to go next. She opened a pink elephant toy from Santa. And a new baby doll from Mommy and Daddy. She giggled and loved on that thing. Such a sweetie! Our rockstars put on a show while Chris and I opened our gifts.Superstar! Cade can play the guitar AND sing back up!! Ella and I sang a duet (after her wardrobe change). Cade was so proud to give Chris the Nike jacket he had picked out for him. My two sweet boys Me and my baby girl on her first Christmas After a short nap, Harper was ready for more presents. She got a new outfit from Ella. And a new duck bath toy from Cade Cade opened some new rain boots and they completed his rockstar look. =) My hubby surprised me with a new Michael Kors bag and wallet! That man completely spoils me!! Christmas is so much fun!!! We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon playing and just being together. Chris and I played against Ella in Connect 4. Cade tried out some new art supplies.I loved this time with our little family! We are so, so, blessed!!

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