Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the season

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I really do feel that way! I love this time of year and all the lights, smells, excitement, and FUN that comes with it. It was a little later than we wanted, but we got our tree up several days ago. After we agreed on where to put it, that is. Ella was adamant it not be anywhere near the fireplace, "Santa is big and he won't be able to get around it!" It took some doing, but we finally convinced her Santa would have plenty of room to get out of the fireplace and walk around the tree. =) Ella was quite the helper, too. She wanted to put the garland on "all by myself" (wanna guess how many times a day we hear that?!! =) and needed just a tiny lift from Dad.It took Cade a few minutes to figure out how to hang the ornaments, but once he did, he had a ball! He was drawn to the red balls, and most of them went in the same corner. =) Harper was having fun, too!I couldn't help but have a few sentimental moments (surprise!) as we decorated the tree and looked through special ornaments. When I look at Ella's picture ornaments from over the years and look at her now, I just can't believe it. She is growing up so quickly!! Daddy gave Harper a closer look at the lights. I love thinking of how our family has grown over the years. THREE kiddos in front of the tree this year!! And THREE stockings on the mantle! In other Christmas news, Ella and Cade are having fun decorating and re-decorating the little tree in their room. And I'm having fun dressing and re-dressing Harper in all of her red, Christmas-y clothes. Ella has decided hot chocolate definitely tastes better when she drinks it out of her Santa mug. =) Chris and I got to go to his annual work party Saturday night, thanks to some pretty great inlaws who came up and kept an eye on the kiddos for us. Love you!! It was Chris' first time having to plan it all and he did a great job. Sunday was a marathon shopping day, topped off with a visit to Santa!! Ella wasn't all that crazy about the idea, "I'll just write him a letter," but Cade could think of little else, so we hopped in line. It was funny, because once we got closer to the front, Ella was beside herself with excitement and Cade was getting more scared by the minute. haha! We weren't sure if he was going to get up there or not, but at the last minute he did. Ella told Santa she wants a "sing-a-long machine" and "a puppy with a leash". Cade told him he wants a guitar. We stuck Harper up there and, even though I don't usually splurge on the expensive picture, I couldn't pass it up this time around. Too cute!! The first thing Ella said to Cade as we were leaving was, "Cade, you're not getting a microphone because you didn't tell Santa you wanted that." So everytime Cade talks about seeing Santa, he says, "No microphone, 'cause Santa doesn't know." He is pretty worried about it, so we've had to reassure him that Santa knows a little boy who gets a guitar is going to need a microphone. Just in case though, we're going to write him a letter later this week.
We stopped at Panera for some soup on the way home. Cade loves their broccoli cheddar soup and he was feeling like such a big boy, getting his very own bowl AND not having to sit in a booster seat! Daddy and his big girl So it's been a fun couple of weeks, getting ready for the holidays and enjoying the season together. I'm feeling pretty blessed these days and hope you're all feeling the same! Much love!

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Jill said...

Aww, great memories for your sweet family! Love it!