Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve at Grandma Martin's

We traveled to New Salisbury on Saturday evening for Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa Martin's. It is always so much fun and there is always such delicious food! We were so thankful to be there this year. Aunt Pam grabbed up Harper the second we walked in. =) Ella got to sit at the "grown up table" for dinner. Sitting with the adults and dominating the conversation, too- such a stinker! Cade sat between Uncle Kyle and Doug at the "kid table". Doug and Harper Sisters Cade wanted in for a picture, too. Look at these three! I am such a lucky mommy!! Harper opened a gift from Pam and Dave that made her giggle and giggle. Bryan won the trivia game, so the leg lamp is his until next Christmas Eve. I don't think Liz was too upset about having to pass it off. haha! Brad and Melissa Aiden opened a new wagon! So fun! Ella opened Twister from Pam and Dave. She was so excited! Cade squealed when he opened a crisp twenty dollar bill from Great-Grandma and Grandpa. Aunt Pam made Harper a beautiful penguin stocking. As soon as we walked in the door that night, Ella went on and on about "Mommy's tiramisu". She was cracking everyone up, because she was so excited about it. Finally, time for dessert and tiramisu! It was pretty tasty! Ella and her great-grandma Martin. Thanks for such a wonderful evening!

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danraymac said...

thought it was funny that doug and kyle still sit at the "kid table"!