Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas with the Davidsons

I'm waaayyy behind on blog posts, so please bear with me, people!! I'm trying to play catch up, at least through the holidays! On (the actual) Christmas morning, we woke up at Papaw and Mamaw's. Kyle, Kellie, and Payton arrived early and these kiddos were super excited!!The Davidson boys and their toys

Harper and Aunt Kellie

Our best attempt at a photo of the four grandkids

Finally time for presents! The excitement was contagious. Cade's mouth was wide open yelling during this one even though he had no idea what it was! haha!

Papaw and Mamaw got him his first baseball glove and ball. Awesome!

Ella opened some new clothes and, well, you know she had to go change right away! =)

Payton, Kyle, and Cade checking out some new gifts.

Kyle and Kellie gave Ella and Cade books with their pictures in them. They are so fun! My Super Cade Ella in Glittergills Mamaw loved the wall frame with pictures of the grandkids. Pretty family And, well, I didn't even manage to get one of the five of us! Go figure. Harper sat with Great-Grandma awhile. Payton and Chris tried out Payton's new Mind Flex game. Whether it's a gimmick or not, it is pretty neat. Cade, Papaw, and Ella tested Cade's new car track. Mark and Cheryl gave us the greatest gift- a deep freezer and all the meat and seafood we could possibly want to fill it up. Not sure what happened to cutting back this year (?!), but I can't tell you how wonderful it has been to not have to stand in the kitchen wondering what's for dinner! Thanks so much to everyone for all our thoughtful gifts!!

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The McAfee's said...

I am glad you guys had a great holiday! Thanks for the updates! :)