Wednesday, January 18, 2012

For moms

A friend shared this with me on facebook and, as a mom of young kiddos, I found it encouraging. It goes without saying that we love our children more than life, but, let's face it, we all have our days when being a mom is exhausting. I, for one, can get so bogged down and worn out by the busy-ness that is mothering- the chasing kids, cleaning up messes, breaking up arguments, constantly correcting and redirecting and on and on. I know everyone feels this way sometimes, but we don't talk about it! I guess we're afraid others may think we can't handle it or we don't appreciate our kids or we're not doing a good enough job. So, of course, when I start feeling that way, I also start feeling guilty for feeling that way in the first place. Then when people are constantly telling me to "enjoy every minute" when I'm already feeling guilty for feeling frustrated, I find myself getting discouraged that maybe I'm not doing it "right". Kind of confusing, but I know you moms out there get it. Anyways, this mom just put it out there. I appreciate her honesty and just thought I'd share for the ones who haven't already seen it.

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