Friday, January 13, 2012

Children's Museum

On Ella's last day of Christmas break, we went to the Cincinnati Children's Museum. Chris has taken the kids a couple times when I've been working, and Ella's has been asking for a long time to "take Mommy", so she was pretty excited to show me around. =) It just so happened to be the last day of the Duke Energy train display, too, so we lucked out. One of the first things we got to do was walk through a real train car. Checking out the trains with Daddy Harper was happy to be there, too! Playing at the train tables. They even got to ride a little train around the exhibit, but I didn't get a good picture. They were grinning ear to ear though! After we made our way through all the trains, we checked out the other parts of the museum. Ella couldn't wait to show me all the tricks at the water tables. Cade was a wet mess after playing here, but he had so much fun. They could do this for hours! Next was the "ball place". Walking on this treadmill powers a conveyor belt that carries balls to the top of a tower. It was pretty tough and Cade was not strong enough to make it go. Ella, on the other hand, was all about showing Cade, "See? I can do it, Cade, because I'm bigger than you!" =) There were lots of fun, little spots to stop off and play. Ella loves to role play, so getting to pretend to be a Kroger cashier was right up her alley. And Cade made a cute bagger. =) The perfect ending to our trip- a stop at the ice cream shop! That evening at dinner, we were answering some of Ella's discussion questions for school. One of them asked If you could have any gift in the world, what would it be? Ella thought for a minute then said, "Another day like today." Aww, she knows how to go straight to this momma's heart!

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