Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

I finally got a picture of the five of us once we got to Mom and Dad's on Christmas evening. The kids were already in their jammies and getting ready for bed, but I wasn't backing down! haha! Our family- Christmas 2011 It didn't take long for Harper to sack out on Uncle Jared's lap. Cade couldn't wait to cuddle in close to him, too.Jared waited till the kids were in bed to bust out his special beverage. Liquor, you ask? Nope, EGGNOG!! This kid downs the stuff like it is water! Eww! The annual stocking picture. I love it. Mom had to double up on a few steps this year. Just because she's pretty Uncle Jason grabbed up Laila as soon as she walked through the door Monday morning. She's not quite sure about him, but too polite to say anything. =) Little Chad, aka Ty, could not possibly be any cuter!! The Lawyer grandkids Harper and her sweet pink stocking Laila couldn't keep her hands off "Baby Hawper". She wants to watch her and be right where she is every second. On to the chaos! The kids were ripping open presents left and right and I could hardly keep up. Cade opened a new Mobigo game from Jason and Carla. He got a new tractor and trailer from Pap and Grammy that he LOVES! He has been pushing that thing everywhere! Pap and Gram were super excited about their new camera. Harper opened some new girly toys. Ella got a new 500 piece puzzle, a couple of new games, and a bunch of clothes. Spoiled!! Laila lost interest in presents pretty quickly and decided to watch the fish instead. =) Cute one! Ella's favorite gift of the day- press-on nails. Really, Gram?!! haha!A couple of not too happy babies at their first Lawyer Christmas We are blessed and spoiled beyond belief, and I'm not just talking about the presents! I love spending time with our family!!

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