Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Other special holiday stuff

We were happy to be part of the Lawyer Christmas Reunion, as it was so called this year. Only once or twice a year is my dad's whole family able to get together. It may be loud, wild, and chaotic when they do, but it is never short on stories, jokes, ribbing, and laughter. The sitting around, chatting, cracking up, and just catching up is something I look forward to so much.
Jared and his favorite comedian cousin, Hannie The proud grandparents holding the newest of the Lawyer clan- Uncle Tim holding Amy's little girl, Alexandria, Dad and Harper, Mom and TyA few of the boys, er, men.All of the Lawyer grandkids and great-grandkids. Papaw and Grandma would be so proud of all of us!Later that evening, we stopped off to visit a very special friend. Our lives may have changed a bit over the years, but we don't look a day past 18, do we??It was fun to let our kiddos play for a bit. Given the chance, I think Ella and Abby could be great buddies. Cade was kind of tongue-tied around all the ladies, and, well, Olivia was not in the mood to make new friends. haha! I feel so fortunate to have seen so many loved ones on this trip home. I only wish we could see them more often and not just at the holidays!!

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The Utley Crew said...

No, ma'am, not a day over 18! We look exactly like we did in high school! ;) I am so glad I finally got to see these sweet kiddos! We've been looking for Annie for Ella! Abby wants to find it for her! :) And, yes...Olivia+tired+her sister shutting her fingers in the door=one. hot. mess! haha! Poor, Liv! ha!