Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cade's big trip

Cade is having a big week! He is spending a few days with Grammy and Pap all by himself! Mom was here earlier in the week, and he kept asking to go to her house. Mom said she'd love to have him, but he needed to ask his mommy. When I told him he could go, he was so excited! He was jumping around and yelling, "I go Gram's house! Mommy said okay!" He put on his shoes and was ready to go right then and there. He also had to call Papaw and tell him he was coming to ride his tractor. haha! So, he's there getting spoiled and having so much fun. And the funny thing is how many times his big sister has asked about him. She called him three times last night "just to see what he's doing" and kept saying things like, "I wonder what Cade's playing with" or "I wonder if Cade's already in bed." This morning she was wondering what Cade was having for breakfast. I would never have guessed she would miss him so much! Sweet stuff.
And I miss that little guy and his giggles, too, though I have enjoyed giving this gal some extra attention this morning. And when my big girl gets home from school, we are planning to have a fun girls' day, complete with shopping and the new Chipmunks movie. Can't wait!

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