Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exciting news!

For those of you who don't already know, we are expecting another baby!!
We are thrilled and can't wait to see what God has in store for us. This new, little addition will be here sometime in April. My due date has ranged from April 2 to April 12, but we trust that he or she will show their sweet, little face exactly when they're supposed to.

This ultrasound pic was around 8 weeks, and not very much is discernable at this point (the head is on the right). All I cared about was that little heart beating loud and strong! I feel fantastic. I thought my pregnancy with Ella was easy, but this one has been even easier. Here I am heading into the second trimester and have only had a few days of nausea! Seriously though, the things that have made me nauseous at work would make anyone nauseous- pregnant or not- so I have been extremely lucky!

Lots of people have asked us what Ella thinks about it. Obviously at this point, she has not a clue what she's in for! :) We have told her that there's a baby growing in Mommy's belly and that when that baby is big enough, he or she will come to live at our house. She just looks at us kind of funny and usually changes the subject. She does like to tell people that she's going to have a "baby budder", but I don't think she will start to get it until my stomach starts to grow.

So if you think to remember us in your prayers, please pray that this little baby will grow healthy and strong. He or she's going to have to be pretty tough to keep up with big sis!


The Utley Crew said...

YAY!! What incredible news!! We are SO happy for you all!! The second pregnancy goes so fast, it's crazy. Ella will be in LOVE! Abby would always tell us that there wasn't a baby in my belly, just food-ha. But, once my belly got bigger, she totally got it and was so excited. Praying for a healthy, uneventful, easy pregnancy for you. I can't wait to hear more news and keep up with your growing belly!! :) Tell Chris and Ella congrats, too! Love you!!

The McAfee Trio said...

yeah! that is exciting! we are so happy for you guys! sam loves talking into my belly button to his brother! he calls him "brother jacob"! ella will be great! it is so fun! we will pray for you! looking forward to some belly shots!

The Cantlons said...

Congratulations!! How exciting for you! I'm glad to hear you are feeling well. Tell Chris Congrats as well.