Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Our little brainiac

Okay, so I have to brag for a minute (as is my motherly right!). Little Ella is one, smart cookie!! She knows and can recognize all 26 letters and numbers 1-10. She recently learned all the colors and how to spell her name. Needless to say, we're pretty impressed with the computer in her head (aren't all parents of two year olds?).

Anyways, today we were playing in her room and Ella just started counting- in Spanish!! She made it all the way to seven before she messed up! She tried again and made it to ten with a little help. Wow- where does she get this stuff?! All I can think is that watching annoying Diego is paying off. :)

Seriously though, as sharp as Ella is and as much as she likes books, maybe I should buy an encyclopedia and start reading that to her- she would probably love it! haha!

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The McAfee Trio said...

good work ella! i am always amazed at what they know! they soak up things when you least expect it...good and bad! :)