Monday, September 15, 2008

Surviving the storm

We made it through the windstorm without any damage or injury. All we had was some minor damage to our landscape, and we are so lucky, considering our next door neighbors lost the sunroom off the back of their house. It was just blown away! We heard on the news that West Chester sustained winds of 84 mph. Many houses in our neighborhood lost siding, shingles, and swingsets. Our parents (over two hours away) lost many big trees in their yards and part of Dad's barn blew away. We're thankful no one was injured and that those trees didn't fall on their houses!

I'm so glad, too, that the power is back on! It was off for most of the day yesterday and came back on around 3 this morning. Apparently 80% of the Cincinnati area is still without electricity. How we managed to be in the 20% that have it back already, I don't know, but thank goodness! We figure someone important must live on the big hill behind us. :)

Another thing we were grateful for is that after driving around for almost two hours yesterday, we finally managed to find a Walgreens that allowed me to buy some Tylenol for Ella. She woke up early yesterday morning with a terrible fever and we didn't have any children's Tylenol. I was crushing adult Tylenol and dissolving it in apple juice- you don't need much imagination to figure how hard it was to convince a sick two year old to take that! Anyways, the Walgreens manager met me at the door and asked if it was an emergency and if I was paying cash- yes and yes!! Thankfully, Ella is feeling a little better today- still has a fever, but she has more energy and is eating some.

So I hope all of you were as lucky as we were. We're pretty happy we didn't plant all those trees we wanted to last weekend. We thought we were just being lazy, but obviously, there was a reason for it!

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