Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun at the farm...

We had a great family day today. We took Ella to Niederman Family Farms and she had such a blast. It's a fun place, with a petting zoo, pumpkin patch, and playground. Ella LOVED petting the sheep and goats and looking at the roosters. I wish I could have captured every expression on her face- she just didn't know what to do next!

Here she is petting some of the animals with Daddy.

Just "horsing" around... (I know, awful joke :)
We took a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. Ella had a hard time picking out just one pumpkin, so we got two- one big and one "witty, witty" (itty bitty).
Yea! Look at Ella's pumpkin!! And look at Mommy's pretty mum! :)
Ella must have said, "Mommy, I had so much fun at the farm!" at least 50 times on the way home. We can't wait to go back!

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The Utley Crew said... fun. Abby painted her first pumpkin the other day. The child is OBSESSED with Halloween/Fall/etc.-haha! I can't blame her, though, it's my favorite time of the year, too. Ella is so darn cute. I am so jealous that she was in a sweatshirt the other night. It is back to 80 here-Ugh! You look great. I keep waiting for a pic with a tiny little bump! :)