Saturday, September 20, 2008

New shoes!

I took Ella to the mall today for some new shoes. She has outgrown all her summer shoes and keeps telling me they're "hot" when we put them on. Anyways, she was so excited about her new shoes and wanted to wear them out of the store. She kept lifting up her foot to show them off to everyone we saw in the mall. :)

She was so darn proud to show Daddy, too, and even wanted to call Pappaw and Mammaw to tell them all about her new shoes.

I couldn't get a shot of them on her feet, because she was dancing and jumping around. Daddy has her convinced that new shoes make you run faster and jump higher and Ella was putting it to the test! Maybe next time I can catch them on her feet. Anyways, she picked these out because of the little butterfly on the strap. Super cute, huh?

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