Friday, December 12, 2008

A day of PEACE...

My mom really wanted to keep Ella for a few days before the holidays, so we decided this weekend would be perfect. I have part of the weekend off, and we have a TON of shopping to do! I really thought this year would be different- that I would get all my shopping done early. But somehow here it is less than two weeks till Christmas and I have bought only two gifts!! Yikes! It's hard, because Chris and I like to do the shopping together, but I work every weekend, and he's only off on the weekends. But this weekend is IT- we are going to do a power day of shopping (sounds serious, huh?) on Saturday, and get it ALL done. I'm so excited and Chris is, too! I know I'm lucky, because most husbands hate to shop, but mine likes it as much as I do- as long as we stop often for snacks and coffee. :)

So anyways, I took Ella to meet Mom and Dad last night, and I have been enjoying a day of peace. I slept in later today than I have in, well, 2 1/2 years (!) and feel fabulous. I have loved having some time to myself- I painted my nails, did Pilates, made cookies (yeah, I know those two are kind of contradicting, but what can I say? I'm pregnant! haha!). I miss my little munchkin and her sweet, little laugh like crazy, but I know she's having a ball with Grammy and probably not giving a thought to me. And I can't wait for work to be over tonight, so we can go SHOPPING tomorrow!!!!

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The Baldwin's said...

Isn't is nice to have the house to yourself every once in a while?!! Mom and Dad took Aidan to Pigeon Forge for a couple days last week- I missed him like crazy but it was nice to not be so busy during the day. You encouraged me to start my own blog- check it out!