Thursday, December 4, 2008

From 0 to 20

In honor of Jared's official birthday (today), I had to pull out some of my favorite pics of the "little" guy and post them on here. I got some pretty good laughs from these, because every one brings back a great memory. Here's to you, Jared!!

Brand new brotherFirst Christmas First Easter So sweet and innocent

First birthday
"I'm not little, I'm a big, tall kid!" By the way, cool BK's!! :)
Third birthday
What a cutie!
Always the life of the party
Never a dull moment
The way Jared will always be in my mind :)
With the "bros"
First day of school without the chili-bowl. 6th grade, I think.
First-time uncle- Jared and Lex
Can anyone say "Cancun"? Jared's favorite part of the week was the mariachi band.:) Jared's favorite pic of the two of us
Getting picked on by his other big brother
First pic with Ella
Looking sharp
Heisman pose (I'm sure he'll tell me if I spelled that wrong!)
The guys
Just being Jared
So in love :)
Our "little" brother all grown up
We love you, Jared!! Hope you got as many laughs from this as we did! Happy Birthday again!!

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