Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I'm pretty proud of this little gal. She really impressed me today. She's been learning to write her letters, and can do a lot of them really well. Today, she wrote her name, but that's not the thing that impressed me (she's been doing that for a while), even though that in and of itself is great for a three year old! What impressed me was that I was sitting across from her and Little Miss Smartypants wrote her name upside-down and backwards so I could read it.
She wrote it from right there where she is sitting! I don't know if that's a big deal or not, but this momma sure thought it was!!

I've been trying to keep track of a few of the funny, cute (and some not so cute, but still kind of funny) things she has said to me lately. I always get a kick out of going back and reading these a few months after the fact. Plus, I want to always be able to remember the sweet and creative little girl she is now. So, for your reading pleasure, here is a sample of
Life, according to Ella:
"Being a good mommy means getting me stuff I want at the grocery store."
"Candy makes you healthy when you're sad."
"Lose your attitude, Mommy! That is your special assignment."
"Don't go to work tonight, Mommy! Let your friends take care of all those sick people!"
"Sorry I talked back to you and threw my cup, but you shouldn't have put me in time-out because it really hurt my feelings."
(While eating chicken soup) "Umm, Mommy... I think I'm getting a very warm tummy now."
Me: Ella, do you know where God lives? Ella: God lives inside of me, but Jesus lives in my throat and makes me say nice things to Mommy." (haha! I love this! We're always praying that Jesus will give Ella nice words to say to others, so I guess she thinks he's right there in her throat, telling her what to say!)
"Daddy goes to work all day and night, and it's just all for nothing!" :)

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Rodney, Meghan, and Paisley said...

Hilarious!!! She sure has a mind of her own! And yes, I would say writing her name backwards AND upside Dow is a very big deal. She is one smart cookie!!! I'm not sure I could do that...haha!!