Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Guess who...

...will soon be sitting up all by himself?!
Look at this little guy! Getting stronger everyday!!
"Look what I can do, Mommy!"
Let me give you a quick update on little Cade (and his little head!)- we saw a neurosurgeon several days ago and things are looking better and better. Cade's head has grown one whole centimeter- not much in the whole realm of things, but the doctor was encouraged by the fact that it is growing. That puts him back in the 1.5% on the growth chart, so yea for that! There was a bunch of medical jargon thrown around about volumetrics and stuff, but to put it simply, according to the CT scan, his head appears to be pretty long from top to bottom. The thought is that possibly his brain cavity is a funny shape, but hopefully average size. We will continue to see the neurosurgeon every couple months so they can plot his growth, and will probably have an MRI done around 12 months, because that is when results can most accurately predict brain development. The doctor was very encouraged by Cade's social skills and muscle tone (seriously, see above!). He discovered he has torticollis ("crooked neck") and we have already been to physical therapy a couple times for that (which let me tell you, the little guy hates! Can't really blame him though, wouldn't want anyone pulling at my neck either!). All in all, we are very encouraged and so thankful for a more positive report. All of these unknowns can create such stress and we couldn't help but let a few happy tears fall when we heard some better news. Once again, thanks so much for remembering sweet Cade in your prayers. It has been amazing and so uplifting to hear from so many of our dear friends and family from all across the country who are praying for him. The Lord has blessed us over and over. We love and appreciate all of you so much!


Terry and Leslie said...

We have been & will continue to pray for you all! So glad to hear you got some positive news!

The Utz Family said...

That is great news! Cade is looking more and more like a big boy! Both of your kiddos are very cute!