Thursday, April 15, 2010

Brother and Sister

It's so fun to watch our little kiddos together these days. Cade wants to do everything his big sister does, and Ella enjoys having someone around who thinks she's pretty great and always wants to play. I was watching them as they were playing around before bed last night and it's just a sweet thing to see. They chase each other around with matching sippy cups. Cade gets an occasional bite of Ella's popsicle. They dance to music on TV and both end up falling on the floor in laughter. Ella makes sure Cade has his own special blanket and puppy to take to bed. I hear her whisper as he's falling asleep in my lap, "Night, night, Bubby. I love you. Sleep good, Little Sweetie. We'll have lots of fun things to play tomorrow, okay?" Precious.

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JourneyWithTheCrosiers said...

Now I can't wait to type things like this as Paisley and BabyBoy grow up!!!! Soooo sweet!