Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A great 30th!!

It's been forever since I last blogged, and so much fun stuff has been happening! I had a terrific 30th birthday, well, not the actual day, since I had to go to work :( , but there was all kinds of fun surrounding it. My sweet, little family treated me to dinner at PF Chang's the night before.
Birthday girl and two precious kiddos...
And just for fun, I had to include this one of my birthday dinner last year. Still me with two kiddos, just slightly different. :)And my biggest birthday surprise of all- my wonderful hubby flew my best friend, Jaime, out from Colorado to spend a few days with me. I had no idea and we had SO MUCH FUN!!
He is just the best. We were treated to massages and manicures and lots of girl time. It was great. And did I mention I have had twelve days off of work? Turning 30 has been fabulous!! :)

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