Monday, April 19, 2010

A little R & R

We had a couple days over the weekend to relax and just enjoy our time together "just like a family" as Ella says. On Saturday, Chris and the kids worked out in the yard while I slept and then we got dressed up and had dinner at Bravo (yum!). We had a proud Mommy and Daddy moment when a complete stranger came up and commended our children's behavior at dinner. =) On Sunday, we went to church, ran some errands, hung out. The kiddos napped while we had some adult conversation (pretty rare these days!) then we hit the playground. It was a nice change of pace to be off work, not have a single thing we had to get done, and just be together. If only we could have more days like this!

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Andrea said...

LOVE the professional pics!! They are all so good!!! And, glad you had a weekend to rest and just be home. Those are rare around here, too! Miss you and love you all!! Kiss those sweeties for me!