Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life is good

It's been busy, busy, busy around here! It was a full weekend, but we got to visit with some family and that is always such a treat. We had a neighborhood garage sale Saturday. It was hindered by a little rain, but we still came out okay. Grammy came up to help with that, which was so great of her. Then, right in the middle of the day, Ella spotted a couple surprise customers- Papaw and Mamaw! She and Cade spent the rest of day basking in all the attention from their grandparents.

On Sunday, Chris took Ella out for a daddy-daughter date. They had a milkshake together and then ran around for a bit. She came home with new books, new pink sparkly shoes, and new Minnie panties! I love that they get to spend special time together like that and am thankful for the lessons it will teach Ella about relationships and what it means to be treated like a lady.

I was busy at work for the most part, so there are no pictures from the weekend. However, I did snap a few cute ones on our trip to northern Ohio last week. Chris had to go up there for work, so we all tagged along. We relaxed and swam while he was working- not really a fair deal for him, but we sure enjoyed the time! We have stayed in a hotel with Ella only once before and she was too young to remember it. She thought this hotel business was too much fun! She couldn't believe she could lay in the bed and snack and watch cartoons just as much as she wanted. Now that she knows, she is more than ready for Florida in a couple weeks!
We're going to have to fight the ladies off this one!!
Getting ready to hit the pool (the swimsuit is perfect, Aunt Pam!)...
Enjoying the wind in her hair on the way home...
So we are busy, but life is so good. We love being out in the spring air, taking long walks and bike rides, and watching everything turn green. Ella checks on our hostas and lillies everyday to see how much they've grown overnight. We have a family of bunnies in the back yard and lots of ducks and ducklings toddling around that the kiddos enjoy watching every morning. This is a fun season to experience with little ones. I hope you are enjoying a blessed life as well. Love to you all!

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The Cantlons said...

The kids get cuter every time I see them. Beautiful family, Lissa!