Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas morning!

(Warning to blog readers: Get ready for picture overload! I'm trying to catch up on all these Christmas photos! =)

"Oh my goodness! Santa came!!" I love the excitement on her face!
Cade was a little more subdued...
Pillow pets!
And their very own roller coaster!! Cade got a turn first...
Then Ella was up...
Then we repeated that sequence a least fifty more times! I think it's safe to say the roller coaster was a hit! Then Ella tried out her new trampoline. Look at that air! I'm looking forward to a lot of energy being spent on that thing!
And Cade took a turn...
Next up, stockings! Whoppers! Ella's favorite!
Cade checked out the crumbs Santa left behind...
A new I-Spy game!
Looks like Cade found the chocolate...
What's in your mouth, Buddy?
A new monster truck!
And a fun sticker maker for E!
And new sparkle shoes!! "How in the world did Santa know I wanted these?!"
More chocolate!
Another present from Daddy...
And a new umbrella from Mommy. Yea! No more fighting for Big Sis' umbrella!
Ella disappeared for a minute, then showed back up in play clothes that matched her new shoes. haha! She said, "I couldn't wear my new shoes with my gown- that would be too silly!" Here she is with the gift that Cade picked out for her- her very first 100 piece puzzle!
Drum roll, please... my surprise present from Ella and Cade- a new black scarf!
And Cade is into the chocolate again! Seriously, where are his parents?!
Very proud to give a gift to Daddy...
And the very last present Ella opened was her new Play-doh ice cream maker!
Surprise of all surprises- Santa brought me an amazing new Nikon camera! Thank you, Santa!
Ella was excited for Cade to open the gift she gave him- a new magna-doodle...
And Cade's last present was his very own drill!
Ready to get to work!
Just like Daddy!
And even though these two got all these new toys, the most fun of the morning was figuring out the new roller coaster doubles as a fort!
What a wonderful morning! It's so funny how the pictures change- we tried to capture every single expression on Ella and Cade's faces, but didn't take more than a couple of each other! No worries, we were all more than spoiled this year. Chris and I are so thankful for this life and love we share. We have been truly blessed this year.

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