Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas with the Davidsons

On Christmas evening, we headed to southern Indiana. First stop- Papaw and Mamaw's for Christmas with the Davidsons. During dinner, it was all anyone could do to hold off Payton from opening presents. What torture for little kids! We finally all sat down to open gifts together. I love how Cade and Ella are patiently watching Payton here. I guess they didn't really understand they were going to get to open more gifts, too. I'm sure that will all change in the next couple years!
Everyone ripping in! Ella got her MobiGo!! Yea! She was very excited! Thanks, Mamaw and Papaw!
Opening stockings. Don't worry, Cade got his chocolate fix pretty quickly!
And Ella got a Dippin' Dots maker from Kyle, Kellie, and Payton! Thanks, guys!
Look at these two cuties!
Did I ever mention they are ENGAGED??! We are sooo happy for them!!
Great-Grandma and Grandpa Martin were there to witness the craziness, too.
The whole scene. I love pictures of the chaos!
Cade got a new Pooh book!
Ella was so excited to watch Mamaw open the new slippers she picked out for her.
Chris and his papa...
Kellie and her new Coach wallet...
Wow! Mamaw and Papaw got Cade a new ride-on motorcycle!
Taking it for a spin...
My sweet family...
The future Kyle Davidson family =) ...
Chris tried to get a picture of me and the kiddos- good luck!
Cade got spoiled with lots and lots of popsicles from Mamaw...
Payton couldn't wait to try out his new Rip Rider. That thing is so cool!!
Ella tried it out, too.
All warm and cozy and ready for bed in her new Dora snuggie. Thanks, Pam and Dave!
But then Payton decided to turn on his new Kinect and the two of them went to town!
Then she took a break for her MobiGo...
Papaw and Cade took a turn on the Kinect. I was amazed how quickly Cade was able to pick up on the idea of it.
Crazy Payton...
The three Davidson kiddos the next morning...
We had such a special time with all of you! Thanks for being so good to us!!

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